Your Puppy’s First Day Home

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Getting a new puppy is incredibly exciting for all the family, but it can be quite scary for your new pup. Find out how to deal with your puppy’s first day home .

Your puppy’s first day home is an exciting one for all the family! You are starting out your new life together with the canine best friend you have always dreamt of. Everything is ready to welcome the new puppy and help them settle in straight away.

But there is something many new owners don’t realise. While everyone in the house may be bursting with excitement and desperate to have a play with the newest member of the family, your puppy’s first day home may look completely different to them. After all, they’re on their own in a strange place with people they don’t know. It can be overwhelming for your pup, and may be stressful or frightening for them. Here’s how to help your puppy make an easy transition to family life.

Take things slowly on your puppy’s first day home

No matter how excited everyone is about the puppy’s arrival, keep their homecoming low-key. It’s so easy to shower the new dog with affection, particularly for the younger members of the family. While the new pup is getting used to their surroundings, always supervise excited children and give your dog some much-needed time out from all the excitement.

Allow the puppy to dictate the pace of your interactions

Some puppies might be super-friendly and enthusiastic and want to climb all over you, others may start off more standoffish and prefer to get to know you more slowly.

During the first day, you can stroke them and touch them, but let them decide how much contact they want. Don’t chase your puppy around, and absolutely no grabbing or holding them if they want to be let go. You want your dog to begin their life with you the way you want them to go on – trusting you, trusting your hands, and trusting everyone in the family. Sit on the floor with them, allowing them to dictate the pace of your interactions.

Don’t worry if they are a bit wary on their first day

Don’t expect your puppy to come through the door confident and playful. They may do, but far more likely they will be tentative, wary and uncertain as they try to discover what the next phase of their life is going to bring. On your puppy’s first day home everything changes for them. Their new life may seem strange, different and potentially scary. You know that your puppy has ‘come home’, that you will love your new dog and give them everything you can to keep them happy and healthy but right now, your puppy doesn’t know that. Be patient and your dog will settle in much faster.


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