1. The terms, “Seller” and “Advertiser” refer to the person or company which places an ad on our website. This person or company alone, and not us, is responsible to fulfill any promises or representations contained in any website advertisement.
  2. We serves only as a resource for sellers to display their products and services and for buyers to locate these products and services.
  3. Also, we do not own, touch, sell, inventory, house, or transport any advertised puppy.


  1. We answer all inquiries within 24 hours with gratitude and 100% attention.
  2. We answer your questions, provide professional advice, review the breeders, choose the best puppies of the litter and ensure that they are healthy and meet our expectations, which are no less than yours.
  3. Please give yourself at least 2 working days prior to your expected arrival date to ensure we receive your payment on time to process all required documents and health checks.
  4. We book the flight for a Wednesday or Friday. Let us know which day is more convenient for you. Once the flight preparations are made, you will be informed and after that you can track your pup through the carrier’s website.

Note: In some destinations pets may be insured prior to shipment, our staff will review and make these arrangements on your behalf if they apply to your destination.

We only advertise registered puppies. All these puppies are registered and come with a transfer of ownership paper. If you would like to transfer your puppy to a local kennel club, please request the export pedigree. Give us the name and address you want on the papers.

7. We make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your puppy. Therefore, your puppy will be thoroughly checked by our licensed veterinarian a day or two before departure – we make sure breeders separate the puppies from their mothers and littermates as late as possible to avoid separation fears and socialization problems.

In addition, the official veterinarian at the airport will also check your puppy to make sure he / she is healthy and fit for the trip. All of your puppy’s documents are attached to the box and sent with your puppy.

 It is also recommended to feed him / her the same brand that he / she was previously fed (a nutritional starter pack is placed with each puppy, which can take around 2 weeks)

A follow-up call will be made 24 hours after your new pup is owned to make sure everything is perfect, to answer any questions you have and to measure your satisfaction.

We will keep in touch with you with newsletters to receive valuable information and tips. We value our relationship with you.

The original documents – pedigree, vaccination booklet and guarantee – will be sent to you by post next to the arrival of your puppy.