Are You Interested in Paying Monthly ?

Puppy financing is a dog-friendly way to pay your purchases over a period of time instead of one lump sum. You can choose the length of your loan, ranging from 4 weeks to 8 months.

Also, With Global puppies home , you can now make low monthly payments to secure the availability of your furry friend over a given period of time.

How To Proceed

  1. First, you need to apply and contact us in regards to the status of your approval.
  2. If approved, you can then select your puppy. The final amount you want to finance must not be below $500.
  3. We give 7 days for applicants to choose from our catalog from the time of approval.
  4. With puppy financing through Global puppies home, your annual interest rate will not go above 15.78%.
  5. Zero interest charged if your loan is paid within 3 months.

NEWS !!!!!


Global puppies home is a leading online website for people to buy puppies. To help you get your dream puppy, a new offer of ‘pay-in-36’ is introduced. It allows people to choose puppies online and pay them without shipping charges. People can apply for 100% cash back of the total amount in 36 months

For All puppies purchased in Full Amount, you will be paid back 8% of your purchase over the next 13 months.

Moreover, When you need a new pet, there’s only one place you need to go. Global Puppies. A service with something for everyone. Perfectly healthy puppies for everyone. That’s Global Puppies.

Furthermore, Our primary goal is to provide the best possible puppies to our customers. Each puppy is healthy, and we guarantee that the puppy has all of the immunizations that it needs to have a good life.


In addition, Our online store sells puppies worldwide. We offer different kinds of puppies and give 4% referral benefits to our buyers and 1% to partners for selling using our platform.