You sell really low . Why is that ?

Remember that you are buying these puppies directly from the breeder.Also remember that by going directly to the breeder, the puppy is not exposed to other dogs or is stressed from being moved around, which means he/she will be healthier, and happier.

Is this a giant kennel?

We do not raise puppies, only advertise them. (We are not a “high volume broker” either, like some misleading anti-pet people falsely claim. You always call the breeder directly)

I would like my puppy delivered – who can I call?

Call the breeder and see if they can arrange delivery for you.

What is the process ?

Click on the picture you are interested in and continue by also clicking “RESERVE” . Fill out the form and wait a confirmation through your email coupled with the breeders info.

Can I take the puppy home with me right away?

Yes, you can, as long as the puppy old enough, and the breeder accepts your form of payment. Also, Some breeders accept money orders , credit cards, or paypal, but you need to verify that with the breeder before you go out.

Moreover, We also suggest you take a pet carrier along, and make sure the puppy will be warm for the trip home. It is a good idea to ask for a rag or toy with the mother’s scent on, as this will help keep your puppy from feeling homesick.